For us, the first key to success is “human”. The capabilities, characteristics of the people we work with and most importantly, their enthusiasm for their work are highly important for us. The approach we adopt as a core thought is to perform “our work with great passion”. If you also would like to perform your work with great passion together with us and believe that you have the following core skills, then you can contact us…

  • Enterprising, highly self-confident, have leadership ability, organization ability, and ability to think calmly under stress
  • Creative, have problem solving skills, ability to develop alternative solving processes, strong communication skills
  • Proficiency and fluency in English
  • Have ability to conduct market researches and to determine the innovations and opportunities regarding the events
  • Have knowledge and preferably, experience in such professional fields such accommodation, transportation, decoration, welcoming, technical matters, etc.
  • Experienced in planning any meetings, invitations, hall layouts, meeting flow management, etc.
  • Have ability to communicate effectively with the clients and to respond to their requirements properly and quickly
  • Have ability to prepare detailed offers and to present these offers creatively to the client
  • Have knowledge and ability to create and manage budgets
  • Ability to adapt flexible working hours

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