Life is a fixed-rhythmed journey and with our special moments, we change its monotonous flow and create our own pattern… Remembering and celebrating those “special moments” with our beloved people will let the power of this special moment growth and get stronger… Some of those special moments are repeats every year such as birthdays or anniversaries and some other like Bachelorette / Bachelor parties are occurs rarely but they all need special attention… However, it is quite difficult to organise special celebrations and events in the daily rush and this is the point that Big DAY Planners get involved…  If you get bored same style celebrations, organisations and get tired to make all those arrangements by yourself in limited time, just let us know. We will plan and organise your special moments as you wish. Just get in contact with us…


Henna Night

What do you think to steal a night for you and your gals for crazy fun?  Before your wedding, spent a private night for you and girl your friends that you will kick the stress-out? Or, what if we stretch to a day and make it more joyful? Started with a chic brunch and continue with a spa party and later on have a party in a special venue… Traditional, modern or crazy, you name it and we will make it…


Bachelor Party


The days loaded with responsibilities are ahead and if you like to feel the free spirit of “single life” one more time, we strongly recommend to listen Big DAY Planners advices … If you like, we can organize a short trip to Las Vegas for real fun or we can find a special venue for throwing a concept party for you and your pals….


Birthday Parties

One of the most creative organisations, birthday parties can arrange for any age groups… Unleashed power of fun and jokes makes birthday parties more colourful and even more challenging… We are able to arrange super heroes for kids or for young’s, we can rent a venue to convert it into private disco and for adults, very classy tea at five concepts can be great options… You just need to tell us your dream birthday party and we make it come true…  


Concept Parties


Do you think that you are not spending more time with friends? Or do you want to announce your promotion or something important for you?  Please just speare sometimes for us and let us know your reason and possible concept that you imagine and then we will do the rest… Masquerade karaoke night or Tango nights, we will organise as you wish…