You may have said “Yes” perhaps to the most difficult question in your life…
And now, you will also need a wedding partner that will say “Yes” to all of your requirements and always be with you during this pretty and busy process…
As DAY Events, we are at your service as your wedding partner…
Venue selection decoration & ornamentation, flower design, sound and lighting systems, photograph and video shooting services, orchestra & DJ service, preparation of menu & name cards, wedding card & candy design and honeymoon organization are all just the basic affairs during the wedding preparation process… We would rather you to enjoy this excitement and pleasure and to trust in DAY Events in this organization which requires care and attention…


Venue Selection

One of the most basic points that need to be decided for your wedding is to select the venue. As DAY Events team, we offer the most suitable venue options for you considering such criteria as the wedding concept, the decoration to be used, number of guests, transportation of the guests in the list of guests and price range, etc.


Decoration and Ornamentation

As DAY Events, our essential tasks already include making the decoration in the most proper and decent way, reviewing all the details carefully, and making all the elements as a whole that will fascinate everyone. However, the most important point is to reflect this meticulous work by knowing about you and based on your tastes, personalities and most importantly, your love story… We are ready to tastefully design on your behalf…


Flower Design

DAYFlower-1 We work with the very specialist and creative staff for flower design which is the most important part of ornamentation and decoration. We try to get together this unique gift of our world for us in the most elegant style and to achieve fascinating results. Romantic or extraordinary, modern or classic, plain or flamboyant… As DAY Events, we are ready to tastefully design to complete the decoration fit for you… DAYFlower-2


Sound & Lighting Systems

DAYIllumination DAYEvents-Illumination-2
It is a very important step to complete a spectacular and tastefully created decoration with the correct sound and lighting systems. We help you with our professional team considering many details such as choosing the most suitable surround system for the selected venue, and using the light intensity and source properly, etc.


Photograhp & Video Shooting Services

Everything is perfect. Organization, decoration, guests, venue, etc… And now, it is time to reflect the integrity in this perfect beauty with the same smoothness… As DAY Events, we also provide support for you with professionals with respect to photograph and video shooting to turn every moment of yours beginning from the preparations to be so that they will make you smile even after years in their most natural and beautiful state.


Orchestra & DJ Service

DAYOrchestra-DJ-2 DAYOrchestra-DJ-1
You can make choice among various orchestras or choose one of the DJ’s we work with for the music to accompany you throughout your special night. If you wish, you can be on the stage with your favorite singer for this night that you will experience once in your lifetime. As Day Events, we can also make your wedding more vivid with our surprise bands, in addition to skilled orchestras.


Preparation of Menu & Name Cards

DAYEvents-Menu-Card2 DAYName-Tag1
The elegance of greeting your guests is the first impression indicating what kind of ceremony they are invited to. With a nicely planned layout plan and elegant name cards, show how high you esteem your guests. We will have completed the small details with menu cards, name cards and table numbers matching with your wedding concept.


Wedding Cards & Gift Design

DAYWedding-Gift DAYWedding-Gift-1
As Day Events, we provide you a wide range of options for your wedding cards and gifts to be beautiful as much as your wedding. If you wish, we adapt the previous works for you or we design a work fully special for you with our creative team. We, however, first try to make all these works to be suitable for you and your concept.


Honeymoon Organization

After your splendid wedding ceremony, which is prepared by DAY Events cooperating with you with pleasure and a reflection of your dreams, the best part of it begins with honeymoon. Your honeymoon should be chosen and organized carefully both as the final of your wedding organization and as the beginning of a happy lifetime with your lover. If you wish so, we, as DAY Events, also gladly help with your honeymoon.